Cchs museum observes 50th anniversary 

Cchs museum observes 50th anniversary

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A 50th Anniversary Celebration will be held in Salisbury at the Chariton County Historical Society Museum in downtown Salisbury on Sunday, July 16, from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

At 1:00 p.m. an 'Antique Roadshow' with Appraisers Dwaine Witte, David Atkinson, Greg Clark, and Jim Ramsey will provide an opinion appraisal of one antique item per person (an item you can carry).

Years ago there was controversy about the town the museum would be located in. Since Keytesville is the county seat, some felt it should be located in Keytesville. Efforts to establish the Sterling Price Museum there were underway. Others felt the Lincoln School in Salisbury would be the ideal location. Some felt there should be museum displays in Brunswick, Keytesville and Salisbury.

The Lincoln School in Salisbury was the site selected for the museum by the Chariton County Historical Society. Those serving on the board today and as well as those serving throughout the past 50 years appreciate the generosity of time and money given to help preserve history of the county.

The museum has moved from its original building has continued to grow in size to house the ever-growing number of donated items. It is a wonderful source for genealogy. A new microfilm reader is a great addition to the Genealogy Room.

Be sure to attend the anniversary celebration and visit the various organized rooms including a Military Room, Tool Room, Little Dixie Room, and Main Street Room. See the great gathering of antiques and historical items on display.

A 2:00 p.m. program to salute and recognize two living founder members, Patricia Kirby and Jerry Wheeler, to pay tribute to the people who have contributed to the Museum's growth, and to the Judge Jordan R. Bentley Genealogy Library will be held.

Refreshments of coke and root beer floats will be served after the program. Bring your lawn chairs.

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